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BRAZILIAN CHART - hit parade of the 50 most played songs on radio in Brazil

BRAZILIAN ONLINE RADIO - radios of all styles, music, football, news from hundreds of cities

VIDEOS OF BRAZILIAN MUSIC - selection of Brazilian music styles of samba, forro, pagode, pop, bossa nova, rock, etc.


VIDEOS OF BRAZILIAN MUSIC 2 - selection of Brazilian music styles of MPB

CITIES OF BRAZIL with tourist information and videos

singers and bands to record in Brazil

MUSICAL ARRANGEMENTS - arranger with numerous top hits in Brazil.

brazilian live radio

Brazilian Hit Parade


Tourism in Brazil Videos and description of hundreds of cities in Brazil, with the sights and main features
Gift Shop Online sale of gifts for festive dates for Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine, parents, birthdays, children's day, makeup, clothing, novelties, chocolates, etc.
Clothing & Fashion Selection of clothing stores, fashion, jeans, shoes, bikinis and swimwear, sleepwear, pajamas, sweaters, lingerie, bags, and more.
Cars, Motorcycles and Boats Official sites of automobiles, motorcycles and boats
Cruises - Transatlantic Cruise holidays, New Year, Carnival, long weekend, summer
Hotels, Motels Selection of hotels, hostels and hotels for weekend or holiday
Fashion Summer Beach How to buy swimwear, bikinis, swimsuits online for summer
Carnival 2017 in Brazil Information, dates of Samba Schools parade, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador Bahia



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